Through The Years - Kenny Rogers

This article is about me and my best friend and this is our song!

(N.B. These are just a few recollection of the good and bad events that challenged our friendship and our being.)

We have different ways of categorizing our best friends, why we chose them and what circumstances that brought us together. Ours was a product of some series of painful events. I'd like to reiterate that I am not normally an emotional person, but this is the "softest" spot of my life -those series of tragic events we, me and my cousin, shared together.

In high school, I had nothing to be proud of and I was always shying away because I knew back then that I am not one of those normal high school girls. (Stop there.) I was always misunderstood then I found this person -whom I can be just me when I'm with her. She's the daughter of my father's cousin (in legal terms: consanguinity on the fourth degree:)

Both our families lived in one shelter when they needed cover from the ash falls of a volcano that erupted. This was the event in 1991 when the Mount Pinatubo in Central Luzon (Philippines) erupted, thus changed the lives of the people there, and it also changed mine. It was during their stay in our house that their elder sister died caused by H-fever or dengue. I was not really sure. All I know is that we were all too young to be faced with such tragic event so we had to pull strength from each other. In less than a month, at our early age, we've experienced one of life's most painful part -losing a loved one!

Then there we were, stuck together: a person who has lost self-esteem and no-sense of self-worth; she (and her family) lost a house, stopped school and lost a sister.

These and all other depressions, life's pressures, peer and family-related problems and the likes that we shared. But my best friend and I, we survived. We always helped each other. I was the practical side, she was the spiritual side. We had a very good chemistry. I could say, I was the head, she was the heart. But of course, like all other friendship stories out there, we argued a lot and argued some more until our communication grew lesser and the distance between us was more than 100 miles. We had a fight because of conflicting outlook in life. We realized we had different lives and we thought nothing seemed to click between us anymore. But I remember, before we actullay parted ways, we still sang this song not knowing it might be our last duet together.

But after all those years, we were able to work things out. We knew something in this song drew us again to each other. Now we are over-my-dead-body-ready-to-protect each other just like we used to. And despite our extreme ideals, we are still ready to support each other because that's what friendship is all about. That's what the previous pains of life had taught us at our tender years. "Through all the good and bad... we'd always work things out". That's why we always believed in this song.

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Despite the pains we've caused to each other, we still love each other. In our lives, we will always have issues, concerns, problems but I will always be proud to say that I am ready to face them all because we got each other.

Through the Years - Kenny Rogers

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