Loving so strong - POEM

Poem Collection

My fantasies came true the moment you said "i love you"
I feel the same and wish I'm your dream too.
I'll always love you by heart, as sure as heaven is above.
I'll keep you close though apart; hug me tighter than the start.

Your smiling face that hides the sadness of your heart
is the same face that keeps circling in my head every night
i admire your pretty eyes that reads through my mind
your eyes that close when your lips touch mine

Your voice is the song that inspires my sleepy mind
your smile is the scene that my heart vivified
your touch that flows through my skin gets nerves electrified
your kiss is my treasure that love protected inside.

The wind blows and directs my sight to where you are
the sun gives light for me to see your beauty from afar
the darkness of night draws me near and hug you tight
they witness and stand the love we have which feels so right.

You're the one I adore and I fall for you even more.
Wish I had met you before and would love forevermore.
I fell for you in a song; I enjoy this feeling so strong.
How can this be wrong when to me you belong?

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