LIFE IS BUT A SONG - Poem by A Dew

Sharing with you a poem by A DEW. A very special person in my heart.

Life Is But a Song

When things just seem too hard to take
And you fell your heart is ready to break
Fear not my friend, your sorrow and ache
Are but a prelude of the song you make.

For life is but a song, my friend
It has a beginning, it has an end
The lyrics may be sad but sweet the refrain
Sing it with your heart a soft, mellow strain.

Life is a song floating in the air
Waiting for you to take it from there
Give it form and music, see how you fare
Sad or happy, it’s your song, as it were.

Despair not if the song you make is sad
Or the lyrics you have written are bad
Sing it still; it’s your song, no matter what
The sad note will end, soon you’ll be glad.

A dew

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