My Solace in Your Song

Poem entry for today.


I look to where the voice is coming from
I look for you followed not for a frown
But with a heart that’s delighted with your song
A love song I haven’t heard for so very long.

Your song would paint a smile in my face
My heart that’s wanting in music’s embrace
For you give life to the lyrics in the way you sing
I now could feel your warmth from within.

You attracted my heart to emotion
You lulled me to love not by reason
In your heart I found my place
Your song is my lifelong solace.

My heart with love you touched
In your song I’ve loved you so much
You and me there’s love we found
Serenaded by lyrics and sound.

I’ve mustered all my strength to kiss those lips
To capture your mouth’s tune in lyrics
For your love is the harmony singing in my ears
My love I have offered in the waves of forever.

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