Upuan - Gloc 9

This is one OPM rap I loved eversince I first heard it over a radio station. We haven't changed presidents back then so I thought this is a good reference to a politician who knows nothing but to spend public funds for personal use and personal gains!

I am trying to translate it but my mind is preoccupied for the moment. Let me just write down the lyrics and try to translate some words or at least give you the meaning of the words as they are used in the song.

Upuan - is a chair, referred to the executive chair either local or national
Tao po - literally translated is: "person" + po which is a Filipino word signifying respect
- this phrase is normally used when you go to another house that has no doorbell so we yell "tao po" a gesture for the person inside the house that we either want to go inside, or ask them something or to give them a letter etc. So my translation below is "knock knock!" which signifies that a person wants to come in.
Barong - is the national costume for males here in the Philippines.

Oh well, looking at the status of my country right now, with the current president who is equally rich but more down to earth than the previous one -- I am just worried about this new found hope in our new president because of all the wealth that was amassed or stolen or unwisely spent by the previous administration, it would not be too difficult for them to make this president disappear with just a snap of a finger.

That chair in that palace is really so powerful but if you (Mr. President) are not too careful yourself, especially that you have expressed your disgust and dismay over the past administration, they can use all the money they got in destroying your current career. So be careful... we should all be careful and guard our ranks. (This is what I learn from my activist friends ;-))

UPUAN (Chair)

Kayo po na naka upo, (you who are seated)
Subukan nyo namang tumayo (try to stand up)
At baka matanaw, at baka matanaw na nyo (so you will see or you might see)
Ang tunay na kalagayan ko (my true situation)

Ganito kasi yan eh... (It's like this eh!)

Verse 1:

Tao po*, nandyan po ba kayo (Knock, knock are you there)
Sa loob ng malaking bahay at malawak na bakuran (Inside that big house and spacious surrounding)
Mataas na pader pinapaligiran (surreounded by high fences)
At naka pilang mga mamahaling sasakyan (and in line are expensive vehicles)
Mga bantay na laging bulong ng bulong (with guards who are always whispering)
Wala namang kasal pero marami ang naka barong (There is no wedding but a lot of them are in barong**)
Lumakas man ang ulan ay walang butas ang bubong (The rain may be strong but there are no holes in the roof)
Mga plato't kutsara na hindi kilala ang tutong (with plates and spoon that doesn't know burned rice)
At ang kanin ay simputi ng gatas na nasa kahon (their rice is as white as the milk in the box)
At kahit na hindi pasko sa lamesa ay may hamon (and tho it is not Christmas, there is ham in the table)
Ang sarap sigurong manirahan sa bahay na ganyan (Perhaps its nice to stay in a house like that)
Sabi pa nila ay dito mo rin matatagpuan (and they said this is where you will find)
Ang tao na nagmamay-ari ng isang upuan ( the person who owned one chair)
Na pag may pagkakatao'y pinag-aagawan (that given a chance, a lot of people scramble for it)
Kaya naman hindi niya pinakakawalan (that is why it is never given up)
Kung makikita ko lamang siya ay aking sisigawan (if i could only see him/her, ill shout at him/her!)


Kayo po na naka upo, (you who are seated)
Subukan nyo namang tumayo (try to stand up)
At baka matanaw, at baka matanaw na nyo (so you will see or you might see)
Ang tunay na kalagayan ko (my true situation)

Verse 2:

Mawalang galang na po sa taong naka upo, (Excuse me to the person who is seated)
Alam niyo bang pantakal ng bigas namin ay di puno (do you know that our cup measure for rice is not full)
Ang ding-ding ng bahay namin ay pinagtagpi-tagping yero (the wall of our house is made of old iron sheets)
Sa gabi ay sobrang init na tumutunaw ng yelo (in the evening will melt an ice)
Na di kayang bilhin upang ilagay sa inumin (which we cannot afford to buy for our drink)
Pinakulong tubig sa lumang takuring uling-uling (Boiled water from charcoaled kettle)
Gamit lang panggatong na inanod lamang sa istero (Used with wood which was flowed with/in the drainage)
Na nagsisilbing kusina sa umaga'y aming banyo (Our kitchen served as our toilet in the morning)
Ang aking inay na may kayamanan isang kaldero (My mother has a treasure which is one rice casserole)
Na nagagamit lang pag ang aking ama ay sumweldo (which we only use when my father receives his salary)
Pero kulang na kulang parin, (but it is still not enough)
Ulam na tuyo't asin (menu which is dried fish and salt)
Ang singkwenta pesos sa maghapo'y pagkakasyahin (We try to squeeze 50 pesos the whole day)
Di ko alam kung talagang maraming harang (I really don't know if there are a lot of barricades)
O mataas lang ang bakod (or they only have high fences)
O nagbubulag-bulagan lamang po kayo (Or they are turning a blind eye)
Kahit sa dami ng pera niyo (with the abundance of your money)
Walang doktor na makapagpapalinaw ng mata niyo (No doctor can make your eyes clear)
Kaya... (That's why)

Wag kang masyadong halata (Don't be too obvious)
Bato-bato sa langit (rocks from heaven)
Ang matamaa'y wag magalit (those who will be hit)
O bato-bato bato sa langit (o rocks from heaven)
Ang matamaan ay wag masyadong halata (If you get hit, don't be too obvious)
Wag kang masyadong halata (Don't be too obvious)
Hehey, (Wag kang masyadong halata)
(Wag kang masyadong halata)


More lyrics: http://www.lyricsmode.com/lyrics/g/gloc_9/#share

Listen to the song here:

If you have any additions or clarifications on my translation of the song UPUAN, please do not hesitate to leave your comment.

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  1. I love this song... lapit na naman ang eleksyon kaya dapat mamili ng tama. Always support OPM Songs and mabuhay tayo!

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