In My Life - Aiza Seguerra

I skipped classes today to visit my maternal grandmother, with my sister's family. It's been almost a month since I wrote an entry here. My case digest are still in the "editor's mill" after everything has been encoded.

Going back to my entry for the day. This song, with Aiza Seguerra as the one particularly singing, at the back of m head, kept ringing in my head while I picture my "lola" in my head. She is not getting any younger and so I decided to pay her a visit so that I could have a much fresher memories of her. I don't recall the last time we saw each other and probably it was not a good encounter because it was in the midst of family feud so most likely, that meeting was devoid of any affection.

I was tasked to drive back home a while ago. It was a two-hour drive and although I was sleepy and tired, I managed to stay awake, just like any driver would do, and again, this was the only song playing in my head. I think this is more of a love song but after hours of chat with my lola, about anything under the sun and under her nose, I realized, In my life... there is her.

In the midst of our conversation, I blurted to her that, if not because of her, there would be no "me". That's logical, but that is also what I was trying to let her know that her grandchildren love her and honor her and love her more than her children. Of course I can only talk about my generation, it's up to my mom's, and her siblings to let her know how much they value her as a mom.

However, I can attest to the fact that my mom loves her so dearly. I am taking this opportunity to publish mom's poem for my lola, written more that a couple of decades ago. Instead of the lyrics of the song In My Life, below is the poem:

Mother Mine

mother mine,
i've such sweet memories of thee
how you used to guide
and teach me endlessly
when i was a child.

mother mine,
i remember when you were younger
you had a beautiful smile
and your eyes used to sparkle
when you laughed.

mother mine,
i can still see your beautiful face
like then one in the old photograph
of you and dad in your prime,
when you laguhed.

mother mine,
i quite distinctly recall
the hard times you've gone through
in trying to give us all
the best in life.

mother mine,
you went through a lot of hardship and pain
you gave the best of yourself
to us, your dozen children
and you still do.
God bless you,
mother mine!

2 Responses
  1. caloy Says:

    that's a nice poem. buti natago pa ang copy :-)

    i hope u can visit my blog too.. see u!

  2. SongDiary Says:

    thanks Caloy. Yes I still have the notebook where my mom wrote all her poems.

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