Mi Corazon - Don Moen

Tis the month of February, the month of love for most people. I thought it would be best to talk about my first love. I grinned as I mentioned my first love back there. That is a good sign because I am happy to be talking about love.  Love is the happiest feeling, don't you agree?

You love someone or something when you spend time with them. You beat all odds just to be with them on time; you calendar dates with these people, you block all other plans over the weekend when a loved one is suddenly in need of your presence. You waste your cellphone load to call them and give them comfort.  You do errands for them, beyond expectations. You are selfless in most aspects of your life at the beck and call of a loved one.

We sacrifice for love. We ignore the words of other people; we reach for the stars, we promise the moon, the earth and the sky; anything for love.

There is this one song that keeps playing in my ipod and it talks about my first love. Mi Corazon by Don Moen.  It is a Spanish word literally meaning "My Heart".

The contents of my heart is my first love.  The biggest portion of that heart belongs to God's people. I love my God and one way to show that love for him is to be loving towards other people; He's creation!  This is the reason why as a young kid, I tried to please everyone. (But later on I learned that we cannot please everybody).  When you love, you can't hurt and when you can't hurt, this could be a better place to live in. Mother Teresa once said that: “If you judge people, you have no time to love them.”

I may not be as tender as Mother Teresa but we can love as much tender as we could.  Spread love!

Mi Corazon lyrics by Don Moen

My heart is filled with songs of praise
You gave me hope, You made a way
Now I long to live in Your presence
For all my days

My soul sings, my spirit shouts
With every breath I'm crying out
I want to live for You alone
You have captured my heart, mi corazon
Lord, I give You my whole heart, mi corazon

Amazing grace has recued me
You paid the price, You set me free
I will sing Your praises forever
My Savior and King

I will give You glory, tell the wondrous story
How You rescued me
I'm the guilty one, but You sacrificed Your Son
Your One and only
Now I stand before You blameless and holy

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Friday Otuya said...

Yes friend.I came across your blog when I googled the song Mi Corazon. Your perception of love is truthful, in a world where Love has been misconstrued by many. Thanks, see you in the Kingdom of Heaven.