Secret - Heart

Again, I would say, it's been a while since I haven't posted an entry here.

We were on a rigid training in our company and the only time I have on the internet
is when we take our lunch. Of course, I eat first then, hurriedly peek on my blog.

Here is a new song for me. A friend of mine shared this with me.  Although this is a Heart song,
I admit, I am not really familiar with it except that I have heard it before without understanding the lyrics.
In fact, I don't think I gave the lyrics some attention.

So she gave me the lyrics and been kind enough to share with me her mp3 file.  So here is my entry for the day.

It's a nice song, I should say, because it talks about unconditional love, I guess.  I cannot discredit Heart's soul -
the style in his singing is very unique.  That is remarkable.

Well, she said they give tips to the band who could sing this song live.
It made me laugh because although I enter Bar houses with live bands singing, I haven't really tried giving tips. ;-)
Next time, I will. so that is her story ;-)

Now here is the lyrics. Enjoy!


We lead two different lives
Just like two lines that never cross
And here we are together
Standing closer than we are
But we're still standing here untouched
Too scared to make a move

We want so much to touch
And we can't wait forever
Ae know it's dangerous
For us to be together

How do we ever keep this sectet
How do we keep it in the dark
And if we dare to taste our weakness
How could we tear ourselved apart
How do we keep this love together
Didn't we know right from the start
That we would have to keep this secret
Or forever stay apart

I watch you coming to me
Walkin' in the pouring rain
I can't help looking at you
Wishin' i could stay away
So many times i've tried in vain
To close my eyes and pray

It goes away but I can't stop myself from feeling
To let you go would be too much for me to take

I can't help thinking'
When I look into your eyes
How much I need you
It's so hard to hide

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